Email Etiquette 101: Business Email

Professionalism in Every Click: Business Email Best Practices

Editor’s Note: This blog is part of our Email Etiquette 101 series.

Think of your business email as though it was on your business letterhead and you’ll never go wrong!

  • If you cannot respond to an email promptly, do email back confirming your receipt and when the sender can expect your response.
  • Emailing site owners about your product or service through the site form is spam. Do ask them for more information.
  • When replying a business email always respond promptly and trim out unnecessary information.
  • Formality shows courtesy and reflects respect. Assume the highest level of formality with new email contacts until the relationship dictates otherwise. Refrain from getting too informal too soon in your email communications.
  • Never send anyone an email they may unsubscribe from when they didn’t subscribe in the first place!
  • Be careful of how you use Reply to All and Cc in a business environment. Doing so to subtlety tattle can backfire.
  • When replying to an email with multiple recipients in the To: or Cc: fields, remove the addresses your reply does not apply to.
  • Never send business attachments outside of business hours. Make sure the format of the attachment is correct.


In the digital age, email serves as the primary mode of professional communication. Adopting proper email etiquette not only reflects your brand’s professionalism but also builds trust with your recipients. As we navigate through the intricate facets of email communication, it becomes evident that the small details matter. By considering every email as an extension of your business letterhead, you set the standard for respect, clarity, and integrity in all interactions.

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