Plan Your Business

Free Resources to Plan Your Credit Repair Business

Creating a credit repair business doesn’t need to another hassle. We’ve rounded up some of our best planning tools for you and your company. From checklists to spreadsheets, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started.

While you prepare your credit repair business plan, learn what to do before charging for any service, what topics to cover in your education, read helpful do’s and don’ts, and follow our useful recommendations in this handy checklist.

A credit repair business opportunity should start by taking great care in laying a strong foundation. Our roadmap will show you how to capture leads, turn them into prospects, and, ultimately, gain new customers for your company.


Land That Appointment. Download our best over-the-phone script for your credit repair business!

Every day is an opportunity to be great! Measure effectively how you are achieving your credit business repair success!

Tackle your credit repair business numbers and organize them in one place. Our Plans Analysis spreadsheet is here to help you become a credit repair specialist by offering a broad view of your business.

Your score defines you. A good median score is 750, but the higher your score is, the more financially sound you are.

Plan Your Year With These Planner Pages

Are you looking to organize your credit repair business? Download these planner pages for free and start planning your next months, quarters and year.

Marketing Post Templates Examples

Have you felt stuck while trying to develop content for your marketing? We created this simple posting swipe file for you to start your marketing endeavor.

Credit Card Utilization Ratio and Credit Card Payment(s) Calculator

With the Credit Card Utilization Ratio and Credit Card Payment(s) Calculator, educate your customers in one of the most critical aspects of managing their credit score.