About us

About ScoreCEO

Are you thinking about starting your own credit repair business? Or maybe you’ve been in the business for a while now, but you’re looking for ways to grow your company, to get more clients, and to be more efficient at what you do.

Whatever stage you are at in running your credit repair business, you don’t have to go it alone. ScoreCEO was founded by experts in the credit repair industry – experts that have credit repair business solutions for you so that you can minimize your cost and increase your revenue.

Why ScoreCEO?

Money and time are big issues when it comes to starting or running a credit repair business! The professionals at ScoreCEO know this, and that’s why they have developed easy-to-use software so you can make your credit repair business run more efficiently, streamline your business, save more money, and win more clients.

You can do so much with the ScoreCEO software! It can make it easy to manage your sales, marketing, dispute processes, credit repair analytics, social media, invoicing and receivables, and coaching services.

The ScoreCEO credit repair business software has exclusive features that can easily handle many aspects of your business, saving you valuable time that is better spent winning more clients. These features include:

  • Credit Repair Organization Set-Up Wizard
  • Credit Repair Sales Pipeline
  • ScoreCEO Compliance Engine
  • Automatic State Contract Selection
  • Marketing Multi-Step Campaign Manager that supports email, SMS, etc.
  • Branded, Pre-Built Sales & Marketing Email Campaigns
  • Facebook & Twitter Customer Referral Marketing Integration
  • Electronic Document Signature Tracking
  • Support of All Revenue Models
  • Robust Template Engine for Dispute Letters, Emails, etc.
  • Automated Billing Engine
  • Integrated Activity/Compliance Event Tracking by Consumer
  • Private Label Lead Portal
  • Integrated Product Shopping Cart
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • World-Class Service Redundancy

Besides these many features, there are other advantages to ScoreCEO software:

  • It is fully scalable, from one user up to an unlimited number of users
  • There’s no software to upgrade, no integration issues, and no multiple vendors to deal with. Just log in, set up your account, and get started.
  • Email, chat, and phone support are included
  • Best-in-class data security
  • Private label client and affiliate portals
  • Automated invoicing and receivables
  • Web-to-lead form marketing integration
  • You can try it with no obligation

ScoreCEO knows the credit repair business, and they know how to help entrepreneurs who want to run a credit repair business of their own.

Take a good look at how you run your business, or how you are planning to run your business. Do you know how to make good use of every minute of the day? Don’t do things the hard way, and don’t waste time with trial and error. ScoreCEO is in a class by itself!

Get started with ScoreCEO Credit Repair Business Software today and find out just how good business can be!