Email Etiquette 101: Formatting Emails

Editor’s Note: This blog is part of our Email Etiquette 101 series.

With the appropriate format, you can convey a message effectively through email. In today’s Thursday Customer Service, we share top tips for email etiquette that will make you a joy to communicate while being perceived as a courteous and intelligent human being.

  • Do not type in all caps. Doing so reflects a shouting emphasis.
  • On the other hand, typing your email entirely in small cases gives the perception of a lack of education or laziness.
  • If you use bold, know that you’re bolding your statement as well. The receiver might take it that way.
  • Do not use patterned backgrounds as they make your emails harder to read.
  • Stay away from fancy fonts. Use the standard fonts that are available on all computers.
  • Use emoticons sparingly to ensure your tone and intent are clear.
  • Refrain from using multiple font colors in one email.
  • Use adequate formatting. You can try to rely on choosing the most accurate words possible to reflect your and tone and avoid misunderstanding in the process.

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