What 2018 taught the team behind ScoreCEO

Reflecting on Growth: Score Inc’s Journey Through 2018 and Goals for 2019

Yomayra Rivera, Operations Manager at Score, describes 2018 as a year of teaching and growth. With a few hours left to greet 2019, the team behind Score Inc and ScoreCEO reflected on the mistakes, lessons learned, and what are the goals for the company for 2019.

Work hard for what you want

“It taught me that one has to work hard for what one wants. An event doesn’t determine the rest of your life. I’ve always said: it’s not how one falls but how one rises. And yes, this year, 2018, has taught me to rise in many aspects of my life,” Ariana Carmona, VP of Score Inc.

The most important year

“2018 was one of the most important years of my life. I’ve learned things that I never thought I could learn in such little time. It was a year full of amazing experiences and amazing people. I am grateful for my team and for the opportunities that Score has given me. It was a wild ride, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. For 2019 I hope to learn even more than this year and to be greater at helping others to be compliant and successful, that is the ultimate goal,” Gianna Merle, Digital Marketing Coordinator.

A year of creativity

“I joined Score in August 2018. Since I arrived, the company gave me the opportunity to be creative and voice my ideas to help the Marketing Department thrive. The past six months have been invaluable to my growth as a person and a professional. Meeting the ladies behind ScoreCEO has been a privilege. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!” Janet Rodríguez, Digital Marketing Writer + Coordinator.


“I believe that each one of us learned and grew both professionally and personally. At Score, we’re resilient, with each test we gave the best of ourselves and delivered everything for our company and our customers and that is what sets us apart. All in all, 2018 united us and taught us what Score is made of. I learned that you can always be more patient, that a little more empathy does not hurt and that at the end of the day, we are a family and we must be there for each other. So I can say that I reinforced my knowledge of teamwork and my team,” Yomayra Rivera.

What’s in store for Score Inc and ScoreCEO in 2019? As Yomayra puts it, we hope to grow and improve, cultivate our minds and heart to be able to collaborate with our team and take the company to the next level!

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As we bid farewell to 2018, we at Score Inc embrace the lessons and growth it brought us. Each team member’s experience, from resilience to creativity, has uniquely contributed to our collective strength. Looking forward to 2019, our resolution is clear: start today, aim higher, and continue to grow both personally and professionally. With these insights and our shared commitment, we are poised to take Score Inc and ScoreCEO to new heights in the coming year.

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