What to expect from ScoreCEO in 2019

Embracing 2019: Score’s Commitment to Growth and Excellence in Client Service

Starting a new year means establishing goals and setting in motion strategies that will help our companies thrive. Before 2019 began, on the last day of 2018 we received the following message from one of our customers:

“I want to take a moment to thank you all for your kind consideration for my team and business in 2018.

We started using Score in 2017 after years in the industry. We are pleased with your service and commitment to helping our clients and business model succeed. We are very interested in expanding our relationship in 2019 based on some results we had.

Our most recent interaction with Leanna Diaz was outstanding. She was very thorough and patient with my questions about Score, processes that exist, and problems we have encountered. Her service to me and understanding of the Score system was impeccable. Really very impressive. I might add that we had similar experiences with both Ariana Almodovar and Yomayra Rivera, as well as other staff members this past year.

We wish Score continued success and blessings in 2019 We know that there were several challenges at Score this past year. Your team has been in our prayers. We are for you as we are for us.”

What does this mean for Score? As our Operations Manager Yomayra Rivera said in a previous blog, we hope to grow and improve in 2019. We want to maintain our commitment to help our clients and provide exceptional customer service that will help credit repair business succeed in this new year. In doing so, we will take our company to the next level because we are for you as we are for us.

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Stepping into 2019, positive feedback and support from our valued clients invigorates Score. This encouragement strengthens our resolve to elevate our service and support levels. Focusing on continuous improvement and client success, we gear up to help credit repair businesses thrive in the new year. Together, we commit to reaching new heights, demonstrating that our clients’ success directly contributes to our own.

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