Everything you need to know about ScoreCEO’s newest update: Sprint 27

ScoreCEO’s Latest Update: Sprint 27 Unveils New Features and Fixes for Enhanced Efficiency

To kick off 2019, the awesome developers behind the credit repair business software ScoreCEO released a new update called Sprint 27.

These are the newest features:

  • Setup auto email configuration on CRO setup
  • Show the disabled popup after updating the cc in disabled CRO
  • Added the ability to allow notes dropdown to be editable
  • Sort the variables alphabetically
  • Report Compare Account Deletion Issue
  • Dispute Reasons module
  • System setting for SMTP, Dispute processing grid search and CRO grid search
  • Show drop-down on adding a note in enterprise consumer
  • Removed the check on service invoice edit for paid and past date.
  • Logging during FDF letters creation
  • SMTP Email sending record keeping.
  • Firebase based URLs
  • The new page for CRO Listing performance enhancement.
  • Show drop-down while creating a new note in enterprise consumer for email field.
  • Dispute reasons module
  • System settings module (for CRO default email, and email settings for creating note drop-down emails).
  • Allow CRO to download all documents in one download for a consumer.
  • Auto Dispute wizard

Also, the new update includes the following fixes:

  • Stop the campaign when an issue is marked (of credit monitoring)
  • Report Compare Account Deletion Issue
  • CRO page Performance enhancement
  • Cleared the existing activity from an online database and started dumping the new records.
  • Enterprise invoice filters dates are not mandatory now.
  • In Disabled CRO layout show the popup again once the CRO updates the cc info.
  • While deleting processor ask to assign consumers to another.
  • Attach a hurdle while deleting a consumer resetting the system


The Sprint 27 update for ScoreCEO marks a significant leap forward in enhancing the functionality and user experience of our credit repair business software. With an array of new features and essential fixes, we ensure that our software not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of our users. We remain dedicated to providing solutions that streamline operations and contribute to the success of credit repair businesses. As always, our Support Team is ready to assist with any queries about these exciting new updates.

Have any questions? Chat with our Support Team here today.

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