Everything you need to know about ScoreCEO’s newest update: Sprint 27

To kick off 2019, the awesome developers behind the credit repair business software ScoreCEO released a new update called Sprint 27.

These are the newest features:

  • Setup auto email configuration on CRO setup
  • Show the disabled popup after updating the cc in disabled CRO
  • Added the ability to allow notes dropdown to be editable
  • Sort the variables alphabetically
  • Report Compare Account Deletion Issue
  • Dispute Reasons module
  • System setting for SMTP, Dispute processing grid search and CRO grid search
  • Show drop-down on adding a note in enterprise consumer
  • Removed the check on service invoice edit for paid and past date.
  • Logging during FDF letters creation
  • SMTP Email sending record keeping.
  • Firebase based URLs
  • The new page for CRO Listing performance enhancement.
  • Show drop-down while creating a new note in enterprise consumer for email field.
  • Dispute reasons module
  • System settings module (for CRO default email, and email settings for creating note drop-down emails).
  • Allow CRO to download all documents in one download for a consumer.
  • Auto Dispute wizard

Also, the new update includes the following fixes:

  • Stop the campaign when an issue is marked (of credit monitoring)
  • Report Compare Account Deletion Issue
  • CRO page Performance enhancement
  • Cleared the existing activity from an online database and started dumping the new records.
  • Enterprise invoice filters dates are not mandatory now.
  • In Disabled CRO layout show the popup again once the CRO updates the cc info.
  • While deleting processor ask to assign consumers to another.
  • Attach a hurdle while deleting a consumer resetting the system

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