18 Work From Home Tips From The Score Inc Remote Team

Editor’s Note: These are stories told by real people who experienced a significant event that changed their lives forever.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine has led most employees to work from home, turning familiar places into impromptu offices, while keeping up with safety precautions and social distancing, we have gathered a few work from home tips.

As a fully remote company, we asked the team members at Scoreinc.com their best work from home tips and tricks that have helped them tackle and embrace remote work more effectively and productively.

Work From Home Tips from Customer Enchantment Specialist Leeana Díaz

Customer Enchantment Specialist Leeana Díaz began to work remotely for Scoreinc.com in 2016. The transition proved beneficial as it helped her become more at ease and organized. “My son was being taken care of by my mother-in-law, and I had the house to myself. But I knew if anything happened, I could walk over next door to get my son.”

For practical remote work experience, she recommends:

  • Pick up a hobby, like drawing, to help boost creativity.
  • Have some background noise if you’re alone. Trying to work in a completely silent room can distract you from the task at hand. Put on some music or turn the tv while you’re working.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable area and invest in an office chair too!

Work From Home Tips from Solutions Envoy Specialist Jasmine Burgos

Although she missed getting ready in the morning to head to our Mayagüez office, Solutions Envoy Specialist Jasmine Burgos welcomed the transition with enthusiasm. It improved car maintenance costs, gave her more flexibility, and encouraged spending more time with her family. “Working from home can be good and bad, have its ups and downs. Yet, it can be a big advantage for your daily life.”

The mother of three suggests these work from home tips:

  • Pick a space where you can sit and focus on your work. It doesn’t need to be big or have fancy items.
  • When dealing with children inside the house, choose a place for them that is not too close that it can cause a significant distraction.
  • Prepare activities for your children, like 20 minutes of coloring time, board games, and movie time. This will help keep them distracted while allowing you to focus on work.
  • Set up your work schedule with the times that you feel works best with your home environment. Being organized is the key to successful work at home.
  • Arrange your schedule and set up alarms for your breaks. This will help you make sure you are returning to work at the correct time. 
  • Schedule your calls around nap time or movie time.

Work From Home Tips from Operations Manager, Yomayra Rivera

Our Operations Manager, Yomayra Rivera, understands that sometimes remote work can make room for loneliness. As an introvert, she loved it, but as an employee who faces issues disconnecting from work, she made it mandatory to take daily time to decompress and invest in herself. “Reconnect with yourself; the day has 24 hours. We need to organize ourselves better and fight procrastination. Working from home has so many benefits if looked at with the right mindset.”

Because of the benefits remote work provides, Yomayra advocates:

  • Set aside some “Me” time. As a mother, I followed my boss’s advice and established weekly time just for me, from taking dance lessons to going out on the weekend for dinner and drinks or reading a book.
  • I have a desk in my room with a door for when I really need to concentrate, but I also use the laptop for when I’m tired of being there. Sometimes I find myself sitting in the living room, the kitchen, or outside.
  • Keep order of the things you need to do. I always check my emails first, followed by the appointment calendar and taking a peek at the production numbers. If I have no calls, I either put music, a podcast (love Jay Shetty!), audiobooks or articles I can listen to at work.

Work From Home Tips from Marketing Coordinator Janet Rodríguez

Marketing Coordinator Janet Rodríguez has only worked remotely for a year and a half. Before joining Scoreinc.com, she had only known work-life inside a home inspection company near my location office. Although it took her a great deal to adjust, she now loves the fact that remote work helped her become a digital nomad, mainly because of the freedom it gives her when traveling. “Remote work not only gave me the freedom to be flexible with my time, but it also allowed me to work from any place in the world.”

As a digital nomad, she encourages:

  • Have checklists. Whenever I have many pending tasks that week, I create a list and add checkboxes to them. (Checking off the boxes motivates me!)
  • If you can spare a few dollars, get a dry erase board. Having my checklists on Google Keep (and next to my Google Calendar) is excellent, but sometimes I prefer to have them front and center to help me stay on track.
  • If you can and are comfortable with the idea, a second computer monitor can also improve your working space.
  • A great way to facilitate and organize remote work? Google Docs and Google Sheets, UberConference, Skype, handyman connection site and Trello are excellent tools when collaborating with a remote team. 
  • Combine playlists with ambient sounds. A while ago, YouTuber Janice Studies shared one trick that helps her study. She uses lo-fi hip hop playlists with Noisili.com, a website that produces ambient sounds such as trains, rain, and wind. Both help me relax when I need to concentrate and write content.
  • Take some time to workout. Not only will you be able to fulfill your fitness goals, but it will help you enhance your creativity.


In conclusion, the stories shared by the team members at Scoreinc.com offer valuable insights into the world of remote work, particularly in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. These personal experiences highlight the diverse challenges and advantages that come with working from home.

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