How Core Values Shaped and Improved Score Inc

Score’s Core Values

One in 5 Americans is affected by mental health conditions. Since 1990, the U.S. Congress designated the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW). Advocates collaborate to organize activities educating the public about mental health.

We’ve introduced core values to prioritize employee well-being and enhance personal and professional growth within our workplace. Our core values focus on nurturing the well-being and personal development of our employees, creating a better work environment.

List of Values

  • We give our team the knowledge and opportunity to grow within the company.
  • We focus on compliance in everything we do.
  • We treat our team with respect and they treat our customers like royalty.
  • We are customer-centric, empowering them to succeed and believe in their dreams.
  • We trust our employees to do the right things, knowing the truth is always the best answer.
  • We practice open and real communication by being optimistic that we will overcome any challenge.
  • We check our egos at the door.
  • We believe in continuous improvement and working together to succeed.
  • We do what we say we will do on time.

Employee Testimonials on Score’s Core Values

 Yomayra Rivera

  • When asked how these core values have helped improve their work experience, Yomayra Rivera, Operations Manager at Score, explained: “Having Core Values has helped me focus on what’s important and has helped me become the type of co-worker I wanted to be: someone others can rely on either to get the job done or to get the help/knowledge needed to continue working and growing within the company. Having processes and being able to have the whole team moving on the same direction has been a product of having core values.”

She added: “One more thing that has helped me is our 15 minute morning meetings and our pledge where we discuss our “wins” and           focus of the day. It helps me organize my thoughts and tasks and it’s a positive way of starting my day. The pledge was like the                       cherry on top, reminding us that our success is in our hands and is our duty, our obligation, and our responsibility.”

 Gianna Merle

  • Gianna Merle, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Score, highlighted the core value that is most essential to her: “Core value number 8, which is ‘We believe in continuous improvement and working together to succeed’ is one of the most essential values. Because it shows that at Score we work not just to better ourselves or to make the company successful, we continuously work to help each and every one of our customers to become the better version of themselves and to work with us as a team in order for them to reach their goals.”

When transitioning into her role at Score, newcomer Janet Rodríguez, Digital Marketing Writer, was most drawn to core value 3.                   “When entering a new workplace, it’s very important for an employee to know and to see that the company environment is one that             respects their employees. This helps not only the transition but also the workflow and work performance.”

At Score, we believe that happiness equals happy employees, happy customers, and happy stockholders. Visit to learn more about our company culture.


Score’s core values cultivate a workplace that encourages growth, collaboration, and employee well-being. This benefits the team and, in turn, the customers.

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