ScoreCEO Was Built To Help Credit Repair Businesses Be Compliant and Successful

The ScoreCEO Journey: From Setback to Success

I bet by now you all know that had a great successful credit repair business before. Not only did we manage 5,000 customers a month, but we also made millions of dollars in ScoreCEO

But, here’s what you might not know: We failed, crashed, and burned. We lost everything, spending over a quarter of a million dollars on legal fees and momentum. ScoreCEO had to pay our employees while our doors were shut down, and we fought regulators for years. We were still in court until last year.

However, it doesn’t matter what anybody says or which businesses you’re listening to. They are all wannabees.

We established ScoreCEO with the mission of helping small credit repair businesses become compliant and successful. And that includes you. We’re determined to achieve it. Are you brave enough to take the challenge?

Stop listening to these little people and small businesses that have nothing better to do with their day than to create arguments and start fighting on Facebook over, quite frankly, irrelevant information.

Start listening to the people who know and have overcome. It’s not about how hard you fall, but how quickly you get up. Stop listening to them and do business with ScoreCEO and The rest? They are in second place.


The journey is proof that even after a fall, you can rise stronger. Listen to those who’ve overcome and partner with us for true credit repair success.

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