FICO Scores: How often do they change?

Understanding FICO Scores: Factors That Influence Credit Changes

A FICO score is based on the information that appears in a credit report. According to myFICO, lenders typically report updated information to the credit bureaus every month. This update may result in a change in a FICO score.

In any given three-month time period, only about one in four people have a 20-point change in their score, myFICO says. A score can also change over time because of payment history.

myFICO explains that a FICO score can change due to the following types of credit information changes:

  • Payment history updates

  • Time since last late payment, collection account, or public record items

  • Increases or decreases in credit card balances

  • Increase the length of time since accounts were opened

  • Adding or removing inquiries

  • A mix of different types of accounts


Your FICO score relies on your credit report’s data, with lenders updating information monthly. About one in four people sees a 20-point score change in three months. Payment history and various credit factors can lead to score fluctuations. These include payment history, time since late payments or public records, credit card balance changes, account age, inquiries, and account variety. To maintain and improve your credit, understanding these influences is crucial.

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