FICO Scores: How often do they change?

A FICO score is based on the information that appears in a credit report. According to myFICO, lenders typically report updated information to the credit bureaus every month. This update may result in a change in a FICO score.

In any given three-month time period, only about one in four people have a 20-point change in their score, myFICO says. A score can also change over time because of payment history.

myFICO explains that a FICO score can change due to the following types of credit information changes:

  • Payment history updates

  • Time since last late payment, collection account, or public record items

  • Increases or decreases in credit card balances

  • Increase the length of time since accounts were opened

  • Adding or removing inquiries

  • A mix of different types of accounts

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