the Apple Card: Apple announces its own credit card

Apple Card: Revolutionizing the Credit Experience with Innovation

  • Apple Card is revolutionizing the credit experience by integrating it into the Apple Wallet app. It simplifies applications, removes fees, and enhances privacy and security. A unique card number generates on the iPhone and securely stored in the Secure Element. Face ID or Touch ID authorizes purchases along with a dynamic security code.
  • Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s VP of Apple Pay, underscores Apple Card’s aim to promote a healthier financial life. It offers transparency, competitive interest rates, and no penalty rates. Customers can sign up in the Wallet app, view real-time transaction and balance data categorized by Food, Shopping, Entertainment, and more.
  • Apple Card employs machine learning and Apple Maps to label transactions. A titanium Apple Card is available for non-Apple Pay locations, designed without a card number, CVV, expiration date, or signature.
  • Apple Card, launching in the US this summer, receives backing from Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, who provide card issuance and global payment support.


Apple is set to revolutionize the credit card landscape, seamlessly integrated into the Apple Wallet app. This innovative offering simplifies applications, eliminates fees, prioritizes user privacy and security, and encourages wiser financial decisions. Unique features include Secure Element technology and the rewards program “Daily Cash,” enhancing users’ financial well-being. The physical card, crafted from titanium, ensures secure transactions, even where Apple Pay isn’t available. Supported by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, it reshapes the credit experience.

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