Invest to Boost Credit Repair Sales?

Unlocking Sales Success: The 480-Minute Formula

Would you invest 480 minutes out of the 1,440 minutes in the day to increase your sales? Keep reading.

Have you ever gone to an event, gotten all powered up, had your “Aha” moment and, suddenly, you look back and nothing changed?

You are not alone, we’ve all been there. What I’ve identified is that we’ve been given the formula so many times that we still underestimate the value that other people bring to the table.

Fear of failure makes us forget that in order to succeed, we have to fail.


The Formula:

I’m going to give you the EXACT formula to help you get your sales up today: The day has 24 hours. Those 24 hours have 1,440 minutes. If you spend 480 minutes on the phone at an average of 5 minutes per call, you will have talked to 96 leads and prospects to sell them your credit repair service.

Now I ask you: How many calls have you done per day before reading this post? I’m almost sure you don’t get to 10 calls per day on average.

Are you committed to getting more sales this week?

Most of you reading this will have the “Aha” moment and won’t act on it; less than 1% will make a change that will bring them results.

In what group do you want to be in? The 99% or the 1%? It’s all in you!

At we understand that sales are the livelihood of a business. This is why we developed ScoreCEO, a credit repair business software with an automated workflow that includes scripts to help jumpstart the development of your own sales process.

Do you need help with your sales process? Click here to start the process. You will not only jumpstart your business but fuel your sales pipeline as well.


Many have experienced the excitement of events, only to find their enthusiasm wane as time goes by. The key is not just in understanding the formula but in recognizing the value others bring. Embrace the possibility of failure because perfection is overrated; it’s time to take action. The 480-minute formula offers a practical approach to boost your sales by reaching out to leads and prospects. The choice is yours: stay with the 99% or join the 1% who act and see results. At, we prioritize sales and provide you with ScoreCEO, a credit repair business software designed to streamline your sales process. Take action now and supercharge your business.


For more ScoreCEO how-to guides, tips, and tricks visit ScoreCEO’s How-To page.

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