Are you successful or are you rich?

The other day, while looking at someone that has a lot of money, I wondered what do I really want. It was then when I realized that what I truly want is to help those around me reach their goals and dreams.

We sometimes can identify diamonds in the rough. We see their abilities and strengths and marvel at their brilliance. But sometimes their light turns opaque. The sad truth is that because some of them have been bruised so badly, they have come to underestimate their own value, leading them to take for granted the opportunities others have entrusted them.

I have two choices here: just quit trying or keep looking for more diamonds in the rough.

You can run a business by development or by attrition. In my opinion, development is taking the time to develop those around you for the future of your company, understanding that mistakes do happen. But you have to see how people pick themselves up from failure. Don’t hold grudges against them.

Now, growing a business by attrition is taking actions that would only have results immediately at that point in time, but will not help the future of your company. Take screaming all the time something happens, for example. Hey! We’ve all have those moments, don’t get me wrong. But being negative all the time will only make things worst. Look at the negatives and see the positives, even if the only positive thing would be to say: “THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!”

At times I have been scared to the point of being 100% negative or, on the contrary, being 100% positive that even seems crazy. You know which one I will choose over and over? Appearing crazy in my 100% positivity. Because, even in the bad moments, I will see the positive outcomes, even in those around me.

Successful people are not necessarily rich, and rich people are not necessarily wealthy. I will always choose success and wealth 100% of the time rather than being rich and negative.

That is called in Spanish “Pan para hoy, hambre para mañana.” Food for today, hunger for tomorrow.

At we understand both sides, and that is why our marketing message will never claim how to become a millionaire. Millionaire marketing messages are misinterpreted as immediate ratification most of the time, and few understand or have the willingness to put the hard work and sweat that becoming a WEALTHY MILLIONAIRE takes.

With this message in mind, I want you to test drive ScoreCEO where we don’t only provide you with software, but we also provide you with a support team that understands what it takes to make it happen from marketing, sales & processes for your credit repair service, customer service, and even accounting processes.

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