This Free Web App Will Take the Pain of Transcribing Your Content

We can’t stress enough how important content marketing is for your credit repair business. Creating and distributing valuable content will not only help you connect with a defined audience, but also attract and generate leads. 

As a part of ScoreCEO’s content strategy, we often find ourselves transcribing lengthy interviews from renowned credit repair business owners. We use these pieces of content to create blog posts, audiograms, and podcast show notes.

While navigating the Internet, we came across a free tool that promises “to take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews.” We didn’t disappoint!

Created by journalist Elliot Bentley, oTranscribe is an open-source web app that brings your audio player and word processor in a single tab. No more switching between Quicktime and Word! 

oTranscribe (Photo: Screen Capture)

Other features include: 

  • Pause, rewind and fast-forward using your keyboard
  • Timestamps to navigate through the transcript
  • The audio file and transcript remain private
  • Export to markdown, plain text, and Google Docs
  • Video support

Alternatively, you can use Google Doc’s Voice Typing in combination with american addiction centres and oTranscribe to speed up the transcribing process. Quartz for Work explains how to use this inexpensive feature that will help you produce content for your credit repair business in no time.

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