New Experian tool lets consumers instantly boost credit score

“New Experian Boost: Elevating FICO Scores with Mobile and Utility Bills”

“Experian is launching a new program that increases FICO Scores using mobile and utility bills that consumers already pay.”

According to their website, Experian Boost results take effect immediately and gives consumers more control over their financial life. The

The program is free. It can quickly increase credit scores using positive payment history. It also aids those with poor or limited credit.

“Globally, we always innovate,” said Experian Global CEO Brian Cassin. “We leverage technology to find new ways to help consumers.” ” our aim for them to access quality credit.” “We also promote fair and responsible lending.” “Our commitment is strong towards financial inclusion.” “It showcases our continuous effort.” “We aim to raise consumer awareness about credit’s impact.” “We also emphasize its value.” “Our goal is to give them more control.”

On this platform, consumers let Experian Boost connect to their bank accounts. They identify and access utility and telecom payments. After verifying this data, consumers can opt to include it. Upon doing so, their FICO Score updates instantly.

Experian Boost will be available to all credit-active adults in early 2019.

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Experian’s innovative step with the introduction of “Experian Boost” underscores the evolving nature of credit scoring systems. By empowering consumers to leverage their utility and mobile payments, it opens new avenues for financial growth and credibility. As the digital age advances, initiatives like these are paving the way for more inclusive and transparent financial ecosystems.

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