How to Create a Web-to-Lead Form in ScoreCEO

Web-to-lead form campaigns are campaigns that are triggered by any live form added to your website using ScoreCEO form snippets. These types of campaigns will help you create an automatic email series when a form is filled out on your website. 

Watch a short video on how to create a web-to-lead form today.


Learn today how to create a Web-to-lead Campaign. 

To access your Campaigns, please log in to ScoreCEO, Or Click here

Accessing Configurations

On the top right corner click on the configuration bubble and select Configuration. Then Campaign  

Select Campaigns

Campaign Creations

To Create a new System Event Campaign click “Create New” at the Top right corner of your screen. 

Let’s begin building the campaign. Under Title, please give your Campaign a name. This will help you identify what is this campaign and what is it for. 

Select the dropdown menu for “Campaign type” and select Web To Lead

Next step is to select the Form you would like to use for this campaign. Next to Form Name click the drop down menu and select your form. 

Campaign Steps

Now let’s go to Step 1 of the campaign this is the first step of the campaign. 

In this first step let’s start with the “when” Under Step Type, here is the step type you will identify what you want to be the first action, There are two options in the drop-down menu, Email, and Todo. The email will be to send an email, a Todo is to create a task reminder for a staff member. After you identify what you want to do you can move to the next section. 

The next step under “When” will be to add the Start Date this is when you want the campaign to begin, this can range from day 0 to an infinite number. 

Now let’s move over to “Action” Here you will identify who the email is from, to whom, and the template going to be used. 

From: Decide whom you want the email to come from, there are several options available to choose from.

To: Select whom this email should go to. It if is the consumer or lead, please choose everyone.

Template: choose the first template you would like to have used in this campaign.

Once you have completed this, and would like to add on more to your campaign, click the “+Add New Step”

Then continue to build your campaign. 

If you which to create a Todo in this campaign, follow these steps on how to do so. 

Under When select Step Type ToDo. Then in Action fill out the Todo information, by adding the title, description, agent assignment,  and time and frequency of reminders.

Once you have finished your campaign, Click the Save button 


ScoreCEO Webforms represent a crucial tool in the arsenal of modern credit repair professionals. By facilitating direct and efficient communication with clients, Webforms not only streamline various operational processes but also significantly enhance client satisfaction and engagement. We encourage you to watch our video tutorial to master the creation of Webforms and unlock the full potential of this feature in your credit repair business. Or visit us on our YouTube channel. Check out our other blogs for more insight on ScoreCEO and the Credit Repair Industry!

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