Where to Find the Letters Created in ScoreCEO

In ScoreCEO, finding the letters created is a streamlined and intuitive process. This blog guides you through the simple steps to access these important letters within the ScoreCEO platform.

The Importance of Easy Access to Letters Created:

Efficiently managing communication is vital in credit repair. With ScoreCEO, you have a centralized location for all your generated letters, making tracking and reviewing effortless. Let’s dive into how you can easily locate these letters.

Learn where you can find the letters created for the consumers in ScoreCEO. With this short video.


Step-by-Step Guide:

Initial Login:

Begin by logging into beta.scoreceo.com. This is your portal to organized and effective credit repair management.

Navigating to Lead/Consumers:

Once logged in, click on ‘Lead/Consumers’. This section is your gateway to all client-related information.

Finding Your Consumer:

In the ‘Lead/Consumers’ area, use the search function to locate the specific consumer whose letters you need to access. This step is crucial to ensure you are working with the correct client’s documents.

Accessing ‘Letters Created’:

After entering the consumer’s file, click on ‘Create Letters’. This action will lead you to the letter generation area.

Reviewing Letter History:

In the letter generation section, look for the ‘Eye’ icon, labeled ‘Letter History’. Clicking here unveils a comprehensive view of all the letters you’ve created for that particular consumer.

Locating Specific Letters Created:

Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Letter History’. Here, you’ll find a list of all created letters, each labeled with the credit bureau or creditor’s name and the date of creation.

Reviewing and Downloading :

To review a specific letter, click on the ‘Eye’ icon next to it. To download the letter, simply click on the ‘Download’ button. This allows you to view and save the letter for your records.


And that’s it! With these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly find all the letters you’ve created in ScoreCEO. This process not only enhances your efficiency but also ensures that you can quickly review and manage your client communications with ease.

Stay Informed:

For more helpful insights and tips on using ScoreCEO to its fullest potential, keep an eye on our blog. We’re committed to empowering you with the tools and knowledge for successful credit repair management.

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