Streamlining Credit Repair with Referral Portal with ScoreCEO

Enhance Your Referral Strategy with ScoreCEO’s Innovative Portal

Want to up your credit repair business game with your referral and affiliate partners? With ScoreCEO, your referrals/affiliates can:

  • Add leads in 3 different ways
    – Share their own unique short link directly to Facebook, Twitter or even via emailAdd their own web/opt-in form HTML code into their website or landing page
    – Add their own web/opt-in form HTML code into their website or landing page
    – Add a lead manually inside the portal
  • Track the status of the leads they sent to you
  • Track which of its leads’ sources is being more successful
  • If they have employees or agents, they can add them as users in their own portal and track the leads they are generating

Is your referral/affiliate partner lead delivering documents to their office that can be useful for the credit repair process? They can upload those documents right inside their portal to help expedite the process.

Remember: Most affiliates might not want to get involved this way into your process, but some may want to help expedite the process. ScoreCEO’s referral portal helps streamline the credit repair process on all of their portals.

Want to learn more about our Referral portals? Watch the tutorials videos hereIf you are ready to test ScoreCEO, start today here!


To sum up, ScoreCEO’s referral portal is a game-changer for your credit repair business. It offers a seamless way to manage, track, and optimize your referrals and affiliate partnerships. With features like multiple lead addition methods, lead status tracking, document uploading, and user management for affiliates, it streamlines your referral process, making it more efficient and effective. Embrace this tool to elevate your business and foster stronger, more productive relationships with your affiliates.

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