How consistency helped this entrepreneur achieve success in the credit repair business

“Brian Blackmore’s Journey to Success with BK Credit Consultants and ScoreCEO”

Editor’s Note: For this Throwback Thursday blog entry we revisit our interview with entrepreneur Brian Blackmore, from BK Credit Consultants, ScoreCEO user, and our first documented Success Story with consistency.

Having previously worked in the financial sector, Brian Blackmore says that being consistent has helped him achieve success in the credit repair business.

The owner of BK Credit Consultants sat down with Score Inc to share his success story. Blackmore has been working in credit repair full time for the past two years and said that this company is the first venture he has been able to grow successfully.

The entrepreneur runs BK Credit Consultants on his own and admitted that he constantly seeks advice from different places in order to grow his credit repair business.

He narrated that he got into the credit repair industry by accident: after sharing credit repair advice in one single post on social media, he soon realized that he could actually turn it into a company and help people achieve credit repair success full time.

90% of BK Credit Consultants clients come from testimonials. For this reason, Blackmore has used all digital platforms to market his business, leading him to generate sales.

In order to be successful in the credit repair business, Blackmore advises seeking people that are trustworthy and be organized. To achieve both, he relies on ScoreCEO to run BK Credit Consultants.


In summary, Brian Blackmore’s success highlights consistency, trustworthiness, and smart digital marketing. His credit repair business thrives on client testimonials and ScoreCEO’s efficiency. This shows how right tools and strategies can drive entrepreneurial success in this field.

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