Equifax Data Breach Settlement: All You Need To Know

Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies, reached a settlement in connection with the 2017 data breach that led to the exposure of personal information for 147 million individuals, as reported by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

If the breach compromised your information, therefore, you might be entitled to compensation.

  • How to see if you’re eligible

Equifax offers a free lookup tool to check if your information was affected by the breach. In other words, the site will first, ask you for your last name afterward, ask for the last six digits of your Social Security Number.

  • Compensation

    • Eligible class members may receive one or more of the following benefits:
  • Free credit monitoring or get up to $125 cash payment –

    • who already have credit monitoring services can request a cash payment of up to $125. However, FTC explains that people may get “nowhere near the $125” due to the overwhelming public response to the settlement.
  • Other cash payments.

    • You may also be eligible for cash payments up to $20,000 for the time spent remedying the fraud, identity theft, and or other misuse of your personal information; out-of-pocket losses, and up to 25% of the cost of Equifax credit or identity monitoring, click now.
  • Free Identity Restoration Services.

    • You are eligible for at least seven (7) years of free assisted identity restoration services.

How to file a claim

The company created a dedicated site where consumers affected by the 2017 data breach can file a claim. Check water damage restoration services near me.

  • In conclusion

To sum it up, the Equifax data breach settlement offers a potential avenue for compensation if your personal information was exposed in the 2017 breach. With benefits including credit monitoring, cash payments, and identity restoration services, it’s crucial to check your eligibility and file a claim if affected. Protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve in the aftermath of this significant data breach.

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