CRO’s Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts: Chat, IM, Texting

Editor’s Note: This blog is part of our Email Etiquette 101 series.

In today’s Thursday Customer Service, here a few tips when conversing through chat, instant message, and texting that will help your credit repair business strategy.

  • Try not to be overly cryptic when writing a text or chat.
  • Use Instant Messaging (IM) for casual topics or informational briefs.
  • Always start by asking if the person you are messaging is available and if it’s a good time to chat.  
  • Practice communicating briefly and succinctly.
  • Always consider if calling the other party on the phone is better when texting about sensitive topics.
  • IMing is not an excuse to forget your grade school education.
  • If you are not a smooth multi-tasker, do not continue multiple IM sessions and leave folks hanging while you communicate with others.
  • Learn how to use IM features such as the “busy” and “away” messages.
  • Never IM under an alias to take a peek at friends’ or associates’ activities.
  • Determine if acronyms and emoticons should be used or not in a conversation.

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