Chat, IM, Texting: CRO’s Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts

“Optimizing Chat, IM, and Texting for Credit Repair Customer Service”

Editor’s Note: This blog is part of our Email Etiquette 101 series.

In today’s Thursday Customer Service, here a few tips when conversing through chat, instant message, and texting that will help your credit repair business strategy.

  • Try not to be overly cryptic when writing a text or chat.
  • Use Instant Messaging (IM) for casual topics or informational briefs.
  • Always start by asking if the person you are messaging is available and if it’s a good time to chat.  
  • Practice communicating briefly and succinctly.
  • Always consider if calling the other party on the phone is better when texting about sensitive topics.
  • IMing is not an excuse to forget your grade school education.
  • If you are not a smooth multi-tasker, do not continue multiple IM sessions and leave folks hanging while you communicate with others.
  • Learn how to use IM features such as the “busy” and “away” messages.
  • Never IM under an alias to take a peek at friends’ or associates’ activities.
  • Determine if acronyms and emoticons should be used or not in a conversation.


Digital communication is a cornerstone of modern customer service, especially in industries like credit repair. Adhering to best practices in chat, IM, and texting ensures not only clear communication but also builds trust with clients. These guidelines, ranging from the appropriate use of IM to understanding when a phone call is more suitable, aid in making every interaction count. Stay engaged, stay professional, and always prioritize clarity in your digital communications.

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