4 Red Flags Credit Repair Organizations Should Look Out For

“4 Red Flags: Tips for Credit Repair Organizations from Ary Carmona”

What are some of the things credit repair organizations should be on the lookout? Score VP Ary Carmona shares four red flags to be aware of in the credit repair space:

  • If an outsourcing company or third-party provider claims they deleted over 90% of items within a 3-6 month period.
  • Unless there’s real evidence, beware of the language used in the dispute process, such as “Does not belong to me” or “Pay as agreed.”
  • If a company offers to sell seasoned tradelines, that is a no rule. Authorized users are a privilege under the credit card contract and it’s not to be sold.
  • Mortgage lenders use Rapid Rescore to help people who want to get a mortgage.

We provide this information for educational and informational purposes only; it does not serve as or replace legal advice. We recommend seeking legal advice.


In the dynamic world of credit repair, Ary Carmona underscores the importance of vigilance and discernment. By recognizing potential pitfalls and deceptive practices, credit repair organizations can ensure they operate with integrity and provide the best service to their clients. Knowledge is power, and staying alert is key.

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