3 Ways an Accident Can Affect a Credit Score

Safeguarding Your Credit Score After a Car Accident

According to Credit.com, After an accident, an individual may initially face missed workdays due to injuries. Subsequently, this absence might lead to them being terminated from their job. Furthermore, they could be burdened with substantial medical bills. Additionally, they might encounter significant car repair expenses and, on top of that, costs related to property damage and repairs.

These are 3 ways an accident can affect a credit score:

  • Increase in car insurance premiums
    A car accident claim may increase insurance premiums, even if the person was partially at fault.
  • Sizable medical bills
    Depending on how lengthy or costly the treatment is, a customer may end up owing thousands of dollars in medical bills.
  • Repair costs or acquiring a new car
    A customer may incur in sizable payments in the event of car repairs or acquiring a new car.

Credit.com shares a few tips that could help a customer protect his finances and credit score in the event of a car accident:

  • Emergency fund: A customer should try to save 20% of his paycheck or six month’s worth of expenses.
  • Credit cards for emergencies: Set aside a credit card for emergencies only. It is recommended to opt for a credit card that has low interest, no annual fee, and a high credit limit.
  • A loan: A personal loan could help with the expenses, and the interest rate will depend on credit score and the lender.


The aftermath of a car accident can have ripple effects on one’s financial stability and credit score. It’s essential to anticipate these challenges and take proactive measures to mitigate the potential pitfalls. With careful and strategic financial planning, firstly by setting up an emergency fund and secondly by having a dedicated credit card for unforeseen expenses, one can more adeptly navigate the financial challenges that accidents present. Furthermore, these preparations instill a sense of confidence when facing unexpected monetary setbacks. Always remember, preparedness can cushion the blow of unforeseen adversities. Visit ScoreCEO for more strategies on safeguarding your credit.

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