Inexpensive Sources For Leads That Will Help Your Credit Repair Business

Dear Score,Any idea for an inexpensive source for leads_

Dear BJJ,

There are a couple of ways you can maximize the effort to find leads for your credit repair business:

  • Connect with a group of people that get together for a cause, such as churches, car groups, and military groups.
  • Provide content on Social Media, connect to Facebook groups that have members in the state that you provide service and be sure you’re allowed to market your services.
  • Create a referral program where you pay for leads that close the deal.

Marketing will always require an investment, either time or money. The examples provided are a good starting point.

We also have a product called Realtor Engagement Courseware, developed by our late CEO Joel Pate, that has helped a lot of entrepreneurs with affiliate marketing. It provides videos, emails, and Powerpoint templates.

You can further read about creating a successful credit repair business on our blog:

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