Experian Boost: All You Need To Know

Experian Boost is a new program that can help improve FICO Scores by using mobile and utility bills. The program is free and can increase credit score fast by using positive payment history, also helping those with poor or limited credit situations.

How does Experian Boost work?

Thinking about using Experian Boost? Here’s what you need to know, according to their website:

  • You must connect the account or accounts you use to make bill payments.
  • Experian Boost has limited, read-only access to the customer’s transactional data.
  • The process is secured with world-class encryption to help keep everything safe.
  • Once the account is connected, Experian Boost will find payments for things like gas, water, electricity, TV, Internet, and phone.
  • The customer determines the bills he or she wants to apply to the credit file, and that’s it! The score is ready to boost.
  • The boost results will come back instantly.
  • Experian Boost won’t hurt the customer’s credit, and they can boost their score again later.

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