Asking Satisfied Customers for Referrals

We’ve been talking about asking for referrals from your best referral source, which are your existing customers. This is important, we’ve mentioned it before, the best customer to ask for referrals from our satisfied customers, so let’s talk about what you do every month.

You should be contacting your customer via phone no less than once a month. It’s already a proven model that the more we reach our customers, the more engaged they are. Actually, 65% of your customers will stop using your service because of indifference. So it’s imperative for us to go ahead and engage our customers as many times as we can, but at a minimum talk to them at least once a month, and what would be the perfect opportunity to do that? Well, when they get results, that’s the ideal time to go ahead and talk to them about their thoughts, and while you’re on there, ask for referrals.

If they get great results, be a participant in their experience, for example: “Congratulations! You got three things removed this month, by the way, remember Mr. Jones that we’ve got our friends and family program and both you, your loved ones and friends can take benefits from our friends and family plan. Check out You earn money, and they get a discount, do you have anybody like that that you know that may need to achieve creditworthiness today?

Ask for referrals, ladies and gentlemen, that is the way to increase your credit repair business. I’m not saying this is the only way, this is another way and you have to have a Parthenon of sales pipelines to do that, and this is the best one because these customers already know, like and trust you.

Our credit repair business software, ScoreCEO has a built-in referral integration. This means that all of your clients can refer their friends and family without leaving the portal.

Want more? How about trustful referral partners from other businesses that can help their customers by referring them to you with their portal access?

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